NEWS, 10/17/14:
CCC Technology For Student Success News:
Volume 1, Issue 6 – October 2014

In this issue:
OEI Peer Online Course Review Training A Success

NEWS, 10/2/2014:
OEI Updates: Creating Dangerously,
Blog by OEI Executive Director, Pat James, and
CCC Stakeholders Unite for Student Success, News on the OEI, EPI, and CAI originally published in the RP Group's September Newsletter

NEWS, 9/24/14: Pierce Now Part Of Online Education Initiative's Pilot Launch Phase, by Seth Perlstein,

NEWS, 9/24/14: MPC Takes Part In California Online Education Initiative, by Claudia Meléndez Salinas, Monterey Herald

NEWS, 9/18/14: CCC Technology For Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 5 – September 2014

NEWS, 9/16/14: OEI Makes The Rostrum! The Online Education Initiative is featured in September’s Senate Rostrum, a quarterly publication of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. Turn to p. 20 for a summary and progress report on the initiative, co-authored by Dan Crump, OEI Steering Committee member and ASCCC representative at-large, and John Freitas, OEI Steering Committee Vice Chair and ASCCC Area C representative.

NEWS, 9/10/14: LTCC Tapped to Join CA Community Colleges Online Education Initiative, South Lake Tahoe News - South Lake Tahoe Now

NEWS, 9/8/14: AA-T/AS-T/C-ID Courses Identified for Initial OEI Pilot Implementation

NEWS, 9/4/14: The California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI) is seeking input from the field on what a systemwide Common Course Management System (CCMS) should look like.

NEWS, 9/4/14:
OEI Approves Course Design Rubric;
OEI Updates: Bolting the Wings On,
By OEI Executive Director Pat James

NEWS 9/2/14: The OEI Professional Development Workgroup published a Course Design Rubric and Online Teaching Standards for courses that will be offered in the OEI online course exchange.

NEWS 9/2/14: The agenda for the September 5, 2014, OEI Steering Committee meeting is now available.

NEWS 8/20/14:
3 OEI Groups To Pilot Courses And Services;
OEI Names 3 New Executives;
OEI Updates: Pilot Begins To Take Shape,
By OEI Executive Director Pat James

NEWS 8/20/14: CCC Technology For Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 4 – August 2014

NEWS, 8/8/14: CCC OEI Announces 24 Colleges for Pilot Launch of Statewide Program. More details about the pilot effort, including the resposibilities of the three pilot groups, will be included in the next edition of CCC Technology For Student Success News.

NEWS 7/30/14: OEI Updates: Making Online Programs Effective For All CCC Students, By OEI Executive Director Pat James

NEWS 7/17/14: CCC Technology For Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 3 – July 2014

NEWS 7/16/14: Welcome to OEI Updates! By OEI Executive Director Pat James

NEWS 6/30/14: Online Education Initiative Responses to Common Course Management System Request for Information Questions

Joe Moreau, OEI Executive Sponsor, spoke about how the OEI seeks to increase college student success rates during a panel discussion sponsored by the Public Policy Institute of California. The event focused on findings from PPIC's report, "Online Learning in Public Higher Education." Watch the video here.

NEWS 6/17/14: Pat James Appointed Executive Director of the CCC Online Education Initiative

NEWS 6/17/14: CCC Technology For Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 2 – June 2014

NEWS, 5/13/14: The CCC Online Education Initiative Vision: How Did We Get Here?

NEWS, 5/12/14: CCC Technology for Student Success News: Volume 1, Issue 1 - May 2014

This website will provide general information to the public about the progress of the initiative. It also serves as the primary source of information for California Community Colleges faculty, staff, and administrators.