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Pilot College Participation

Thanks to the pioneering work of the OEI pilot colleges, all California Community College now have the opportunity to take advantage of OEI resources such as the course design standards, faculty professional development, online readiness tutorials, tutoring services, basic skills resources and more to come.

In May 2014, a Call for Participation was issued seeking colleges wishing to participate in the pilot phase of the OEI to begin in the Spring of 2015. Over half (58) of our California Community Colleges responded. A group of 24 pilot colleges were selected that represent, along with other criteria, a diversity of college demographics, geographic location, and technology. These colleges will continue their pilot participation through the Fall of 2016.

Using the OEI Course Design Rubric and @ONE standards, faculty from each of these pilot colleges volunteered to participate in the first peer review of online courses. In addition, these colleges were the first to pilot online learner readiness and online tutoring resources. Starting in the Spring of 2016, all 24 pilot colleges will pilot all OEI resources. The pilot colleges will also become the initial members of the pilot OEI Consortium and first participants in the OEI Course Exchange.

List of initial pilot colleges