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Courses in the Course Exchange

The Course Exchange provides a seamless pathway for students to register for online courses across participating colleges without requiring students to complete separate matriculation processes.

In the summer of 2014, the OEI Steering Committee recommended a list of courses for inclusion in the initial phases of the Online Education Initiative.  These high demand Associate Degree for Transfer (ADTs; AA-T / AS-T) courses were chosen based on their inclusion in ADTs, student demand data, and course fulfillment of transfer area requirements.  

Initial OEI Pilot C-ID course list 

Based on a voluntary application process, online courses from pilot college faculty were selected to participate in the peer review process to align their courses with the OEI Course Design Rubric.  Faculty submitting these courses also gained access to instructional design and accessibility support.

The first Course Exchange was launched for Winter/Spring 2017 course registration at five colleges: Butte, Coastline, Fresno City, Lake Tahoe, and Ventura. The current list of colleges participating the Course Exchange include:

Butte College
Coastline Community College
Foothill College
Fresno City College
Lake Tahoe Community College
Ventura College

All colleges participating in the Course Exchange are members of the OEI Consortium and have completed the Course Exchange implementation process.  All courses in the Course Exchange are fully online, have successfully completed the OEI Course Review, and are taught in Canvas, the common course management system adopted by over 90% of California Community Colleges.

Within the next two years, the Course Exchange is anticipated to expand dramatically, in both courses available for student registration and in number of participating colleges.